About Us

We work with the service, healthcare and retail industries to improve client attraction by developing valuable content and designing lead-generating web systems that are results driven and measurable.

Why we're hired 1.—

Valuable Content is Absent or Underutilized

The content revolution is creating winners and losers. A fairly small subset of businesses have figured out how to make thought leadership work to attract the clients they really want. The remaining businesses tend to fall into two buckets:

1. Those That Lack Sufficient Valuable Content

— For a lot of businesses, especially service-based companies, sustaining the flow of thought leadership necessary to be successful with today’s buyers is proving very difficult. While these businesses tend to have some educational content, generally, it’s not as valuable as it could be to potential clients and is rarely produced as frequently as it needs to be to generate inbound inquiries.

— For these businesses, we provide content marketing as a service—an end-to-end solution. It combines the development of editorial roles and calendars, the ongoing production and packaging of valuable content, the distribution of that content via email and social media, and the back-end reporting of what’s working and what’s not.

2. Those Underutilizing Their Thought Leadership

— Some businesses, especially service-based companies, are sophisticated at cultivating and developing thought leadership that is both valuable and relevant to clients. But often, these same businesses struggle to decompose their thought leadership into intelligent, bite-sized pieces to get as much value from the effort as they should.

— For these businesses, we translate intellectual property into valuable web assets. We’ve transformed research into interactive tools, infographics, articles, blog posts, multimedia pieces and social media content. For some clients, we literally take their thought leadership all the way down to a collection of individual tweets.

Why we're hired 2.—

Under Performing Websites

These days, clients are seeking businesses to solve business problems or provide a niche product or service. But a lot of business websites are operating a few years behind the curve. Many service-based companies, healthcare practices and retailers’ websites suffer from one of a variety of problems:

— Far too many sites are functioning much like glorified, interactive sales brochures.

— The majority of sites have no educational content at all, rendering them useless to early stage buyers (generally more than 70% of a site’s audience). Thought leadership, when it does exist, is too frequently “bolted” onto with very little thought to long-term strategy.

— Most sites are disconnected from the critical business systems that marketers, business development teams and doer/sellers use daily to be effective in their jobs. COCG designs websites that combine content management with CRM and marketing automation to form an integrated system that attracts, nurtures and engages the right clients.

Why we're hired 3.—

Lack of Focus

For a business to have success with marketing and business development, it needs to be clear about the types of clients it hopes to attract. For a lot of businesses, this is a real challenge.

— What markets are we in? What are the pressing challenges of the clients in those markets? How does our expertise relate to those challenges? How can we translate those challenges into a set of issues we can own through thought leadership? How can make emotional connections to our audiences?

— Ultimately, every firm should be able to provide a clear answer to the question, “What client do you want to walk through the door today?” We give businesses the focus they need to make their marketing and business development work better.